Get tickets easy and fast! (one of the simplest ways)

29 09 2008

Hey everyone! I found out how to get tickets easy and simple than the wheel trick. Heres how to do it: Go to the Dock and play Ring The Bell, then push play, then play the game and when it pops up to quit, push tab until the yellow box is on the quit button, and finally hold enter and then it should take you back to the dock and it will say: Please exit your game before leaving, I think then you will have a lot of tickets!


Order your headers here

21 09 2008

Hey everyone! Long time no updates on my site. Well I made Watex202’s website header and below is a picture of what it looks like. ( It shows the whole picture here, but on his website it is cropped to fit.)

If you would like to have your own custom header made by me, then you should check out the header shop page on this website. Thanks! 🙂


New pin

30 08 2008

The new pin is the 150th newspaper pin located at the boiler room.

New igloo furniture catalog page coming soon.

Penguin games and free items

23 08 2008

Penguin games:

The first event starts at the Ski Village. Go behind the start line and wait for the countdown to start. Then walk on the trail and stop at every light to make them light up. If you miss one light, you have to start back again. Then continue to follow the trail lighting up the lights and when you get to the finish line at the cove, make sure all the lights light up and cross the finish line.

The second event starts at the ice berg. It is a three lap race. Stop at the lines to light the lights. Make sure to go around three times.

Then the last event starts at the pool. Swim five lengths and make sure both lights at each end light up every time you go to the end of the pool.

Once completed, the event display should pop up from completing all events. Click claim prize.

The prize is the Gold Medal.

Free items:

The free items are the blue face paint and red face paint. The blue face paint is located at the pizza parlor and the red is located at the coffee shop.

New pin, Igloo catalog, & Sports catalog

18 08 2008

The new pin is the dodge ball located at the stage.

Igloo catalog secrets:

Click the crow bar for the Secret stone igloo

On the deluxe stone igloo, click on the door for the secret deluxe stone igloo.

There is a new igloo thats the ship igloo.

Sports Catalog secrets:

Click on the blue pom pom for the orange football helmet.

For the silver surfboard, click on the penguin, then the shell, then the starfish.

There is a new background for nonmembers and members.

Scavenger hunt walk through, Rockhoppers here

9 08 2008

Heres the steps to complete the scavenger hunt.

Step 1. Go to the mine shack and click on the paper boat.

Step 2. Now go to the Cove and pick up the second one.

Step3. Go to the Coffee shop.

Step 4. Then go to the Beach.

Step 5. Go to the pool and the paper boat will be in the window.

Step 6. Go to the pet shop and it will be in the water bowl.

Step 7. Go to the Dock and the paper boat will be by the walk way.

Step 8. The last paper boat is located at the iceberg.

Now that you have collected all of them, build the map and when you are finished, you will receive a note from Rory and click Claim prize. The prize is a Blue print background.

Rockhoppers back and here is the new items he brought with him. Click on the steering wheel for the life ring. Also, Rockhoppers game in his headquarters is not working right now, but it will be fixed.

Penguin games, Scavenger hunt, Red V.S blue

8 08 2008

looks like the Penguin games is coming August 22-26. Looks like there is going to be a lot about sports. Also, ‘Rory’, and ‘Rockie’ will be giving you the play by play every week.

Tomorrow, There will be a scavenger hunt to find all the pieces of the plan that Rory the cunstruction penguin lost that Rockhopper had made when his ship had broke.

Team Blue’s Rally 2 will be at the stage tommorow. They will be facing off against there biggest rival Team Red.